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Katarina Vukosavljevic, DPhil Student


Katarina Vukosavljevic MEng

DPhil Student


Katarina is an EPSRC-funded DPhil student on the Big Data Institute's Health Data Science CDT programme. After she completed her CDT training year in 2023, she joined the Computational Health Informatics or χ lab, where she currently works under the supervision of Prof Tingting Zhu and Prof Julia Hippisley-Cox on the development of a tool for early cancer detection.

Before she started her DPhil, Katarina obtained a MEng in Engineering Science from Oxford, St Hugh's College, in 2022. For her master's thesis, she worked with Oxford Martin School's AGENDA team and developed a neural network for inter-ictal epileptiform discharge (IED) detection to aid the epilepsy diagnostic process in low- and middle-income countries. Through internships in academia and industry, she has also gained experience in areas such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Software Engineering.

Awards and Prizes


  • February 2024 - PER Grant from Reuben College
  • June 2021 - Gibbs Prize for Best Third Year Project (Bachelor Thesis) from the Department of Engineering Science


Research Interests

Katarina's DPhil work focuses on the development of a dynamic risk score for cancer using Electronic Health Records (EHR) data from primary care settings. This work includes identifying patients for cancer phenotypes as well as developing a personalised diagnostic test recommendation system. Main methodologies used include clustering algorithms in multi-label settings on multivariate and multi-modal time-series healthcare data.

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