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Dr Le Ma


Le Ma PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

ESEC Group Manager


Dr. Le Ma, a forward-thinking researcher and entrepreneur, specializes in additive manufacturing, biomaterials, and energy storage. With a diverse background in academia and industry collaboration, his journey began at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, exploring 3D reactive inkjet printing of polymers. Transitioning to the University of Nottingham's School of Pharmacy, breakthroughs in biomaterials research were achieved using advanced 3D two-photon lithography techniques.

As a co-founder of Reactive Fusion Ltd., Dr. Le Ma secured £285K in Innovate UK funding, leading innovations in reactive inkjet polymer printing. Currently a Postdoc Researcher at the University of Oxford, Dr. Le Ma contributes to the Energy Storage and Energy Carrier research group, focusing on thermal, chemical, and thermochemical energy storage methodologies to address energy dynamics and environmental concerns. Driven by a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Dr. Le Ma's work continues to bridge academia, industry, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Personal Website

Research Interests

  • Thermal Battery assisted Solid Hydrogen Storage
  • Synergistic process for carbon capture, waste heat recovery and hydrogen/chemicals production.
  • Low-carbon Heating and Cooling
  • Thermal Batteries powered Chemical Looping for Sustainable Fuel Production

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