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DPhil Student Marti Puig

Marti Puig MPhys

DPhil Student

COLLEGE: St Hugh's College


Marti is a DPhil student at the Department of Engineering Science, within the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group. Marti graduated from The University of Manchester in 2023, obtaining a MPhys in Physics. Marti has industrial experience, with a placement at the UKAEA's Fusion in Industry Programme conducted with Woodruff Scientific and nTtau Digital.

In September 2023 Marti started a DPhil under the supervision of Prof. Antoine Jérusalem and Prof. Daniel Eakins, in close collaboration with AWE. Currently, he is working on modelling the processes that give rise to phase transitions within solids under shock compression, specifically for tin. One of the main goals of Marti's project is to investigate whether structural transitions in solid tin have an orientation dependence, which he is studying using Molecular Dynamics. His research involves scale-bridging from atomistic simulations to crystal plasticity models.

Research Interests

  • Shock Dynamics
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Finite Elements Modelling
  • Multiscale Mechanics

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