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Mehdi Tavakol


Mehdi Tavakol BEng MEng PhD

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Mahdi Tavakol brings over a decade of experience in Molecular Dynamics simulation across various organic and inorganic systems. His main research interests span the use of advanced sampling methods, solid-liquid interfaces in biomedical engineering and molecular origins of Type-2 diabetes. Dr. Tavakol's scholarly trajectory culminated in his recent transition to the University of Oxford in 2024 where he assumes a pivotal role in the implementation of advanced sampling techniques in the context of tooth remineralization.

Research Interests

  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Advanced Sampling
  • Solid-Liquid Interfaces
  • Type-2 Diabetes

Current Projects

Tooth Remineralization - Advanced sampling techniques will be deployed to identify the tooth mineralisation root.


  • Osteocalcin: Promoter or Inhibitor of Hydroxyapatite Growth?
    M Tavakol, J Liu, SE Hoff, C Zhu, H Heinz
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  • Elucidating the role of diverse mineralisation paradigms on bone biomechanics–a coarse-grained molecular dynamics investigation
    M Tavakol, TJ Vaughan
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  • Ions Adsorbed at Amorphous Solid/Solution Interfaces Form Wigner Crystal-like Structures
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  • Synthesis of Chiral Triazine Frameworks for Enantiodiscrimination
    F Beyranvand, A Khosravi, F Zabihi, M Nemati, MF Gholami, M Tavakol, ...
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  • A steered molecular dynamics investigation on the role of glycation on the energy dissipation capacity of osteopontin at mineral interfaces in bone
    M Tavakol, T Vaughan
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  • A coarse-grained molecular dynamics investigation of the role of mineral arrangement on the mechanical properties of mineralized collagen fibrils
    M Tavakol, TJ Vaughan
    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 20 (198), 20220803

  • Competition of opsonins and dysopsonins on the nanoparticle surface
    M Tavakol, MJ Hajipour, M Ferdousi, S Zanganeh, L Maurizi
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  • The role of the osteocalcin-osteopontin protein complex in bone biomechanics: a key contributor to energy dissipation at mineral-mineral interfaces
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  • Energy dissipation of osteopontin at a HAp mineral interface: Implications for bone biomechanics
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  • M Tavakol, TJ Vaughan
    Biophysical Journal 121 (2), 228-236
    M Tavakol, TJ Vaughan
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  • Mechanical properties of graphene oxide: The impact of functional groups
    M Tavakol, A Montazeri, SH Aboutalebi, R Asgari
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  • Disease-related metabolites affect protein–nanoparticle interactions
    M Tavakol, A Montazeri, R Naghdabadi, MJ Hajipour, S Zanganeh, ...
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