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Dr Michael Gray


Michael Gray

Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Michael Gray joined the BUBBL group in September 2015 primarily to work on a Phase-1 clinical trial of ultrasound-mediated targeted drug delivery for treatment of liver cancer.

Over the preceding 23 years, he was a research engineer and principal investigator at Georgia Tech, working in research areas including submarine sonar, cetacean soft tissue characterization, photoacoustics, fish hearing, and non-destructive structural evaluation.



Research Interests

Michael's current research efforts include a Phase-1 trial of ultrasound-triggered drug delivery to pancreatic tumours, clinical translation of quantitative cavitation monitoring techniques, and development of devices to enable the use of sound, magnetism, and light for targeted drug delivery.

Research Groups

Selected Publications

Gray, M.D., Elbes, D., Paverd, C., Lyka, E., Coviello, C., Cleveland, R., & Coussios, C. (2021). Dual array passive acoustic mapping for cavitation imaging with enhanced 2-D resolution. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control 68(3), 647-663, DOI

Beguin, E., Gray, M.D., Logan, K.A., Nesbitt, H., Sheng, Y., Kamila, S., Barnsley, L.C., Bau, L., McHale, A.P., Callan, J.F., & Stride, E. (2020). Magnetic microbubble mediated chemo-sonodynamic therapy using a combined magnetic-acoustic device. Journal of Controlled Release 317, 23-33, DOI

Gray, M.D., Lyon, P.C., Mannaris, C., Folkes, L.K., Stratford, M., Campo, L., Chung, D.Y.F., Scott, S., Anderson, M., Goldin, R., Carlisle, R., Wu, F., Middleton, M.R., Gleeson, F.V., & Coussios, C.C. (2019). Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia for Targeted Drug Release from Thermosensitive Liposomes: Results from a Phase I Trial. Radiology 291, 232-238, DOI

Gray, M.D. and Coussios, C.C. (2018). Broadband ultrasonic attenuation estimation and compensation with passive acoustic mapping. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control 65(11), 1997-2011, DOI

Sengupta, A., Gray, M.D., Kelly, S.C., Holguin, S., Thadhani, N., & Prausnitz, M.R. (2017). Energy transfer mechanisms during molecular delivery to cells by laser-activated carbon nanoparticles.  Biophysical Journal 112, 1258-1269, DOI

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