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Dr Patrick Salter EPSRC Early Career Fellow


Patrick Salter

Departmental Lecturer


Dr Patrick Salter is a Departmental Lecturer in Photonic Engineering, working on using short pulse laser fabrication to manufacture new functional devices.

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Research Interests

Patrick works on the application of adaptive optics to laser micro-fabrication. He uses femtosecond pulse lasers to manufacture three dimensional devices inside transparent materials, applying adaptive optical techniques to enhance precision and/or speed. 

Areas of particular interest are devices inside diamond; engineering for quantum technology; liquid crystal photonics; and microscope calibration.

Current Projects

DiATOM  Diamond in Advanced Technology through Optical Machining

M2I2 Multiscale multidimensional integrated imaging for precision laser processing

Programmable volume photonics

Selected Publications

  • B. Sun, P.S. Salter, C. Roider, A. Jesacher, J. Strauss, J. Heberle, M. Schmidt, M.J. Booth, “Four-dimensional light shaping: manipulating ultrafast spatio-temporal foci in space and time”, Light Science and Applications, 7, e17117; doi: 10.1038/lsa.2017.117. (2018)
  • Y.-C. Chen, P.S. Salter, S. Knauer, L. Weng, A.C. Frangeskou, C.J. Stephen, S.N. Ishmael, P.R. Dolan, S. Johnson, B.L. Green, G.W. Morley, M.E. Newton, J.G. Rarity, M.J. Booth and J.M. Smith: “Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond” Nature Photonics 11, p77-80 (2017)
  • A. Courvoisier, M.J. Booth and P.S. Salter, “Inscription of 3D waveguides in diamond using an ultrafast laser” Applied Physics Letters 109, 031109 (2016). B. Sun, P.S. Salter and M.J. Booth: “High conductivity micro-wires in diamond following arbitrary paths” Applied Physics Letters 105, 231105 (2014)
  • J. B. Spring, P. S. Salter, B. J. Metcalf, P. C. Humphreys, M. Moore, N. Thomas-Peter, M. Barbieri, X.-M. Jin, N. K. Langford,W. S. Kolthammer, M. J. Booth, and I. A.Walmsley: “On-chip low loss heralded source of pure single photons,” Opt. Express 21, p. 13522 – 13532 (2013)
  • P.S. Salter, A. Jesacher, J.B. Spring, B.J. Metcalf, N. Thomas-Peter, R.D. Simmonds, N. K. Langford, I. A. Walmsley and M.J. Booth: “Adaptive slit beam shaping for direct laser written waveguides” Optics Letters, 37, p.470 (2012)
  • R.D. Simmonds, P.S. Salter, A. Jesacher and M.J. Booth: “Three dimensional laser microfabrication in diamond using a dual adaptive optics system” Optics Express, 19 p.24122 (2011)
  • P.S. Salter, G. Carbone, E.J. Botcherby, T. Wilson, S.J. Elston and E.P. Raynes: “Liquid crystal director dynamics imaged using two-photon fluorescence microscopy with remote focusing” Physical Review Letters, 103, 257803 (2009).