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Rohan Agrawal

Rohan Agrawal

Research Data Scientist


Rohan graduated with his first degree (in Computer Science with concentrations in Mathematics and International Relations) from the University of Mississippi in 2021. He then worked at a corporate technology firm in Nashville before moving to Oxford in early 2022 to start working as a researcher.

He is working with Prof. David Wallom on the project for the European Commission. In his current role, Rohan is working on understanding the EC and EU-27 Research & Innovation Landscape by deploying live technology radars and performing various data analysis and visualization techniques.

In his first month of being at Oxford, Rohan secured a UKRI NERC grant through the Oxford Martin School where he competed with other qualified researchers from various departments. Through this grant, Rohan is trying to analyze the amount of food waste generated at some of the colleges at Oxford and their carbon footprint. This project is in collaboration with researchers from Earth Sciences and School of Geography.

Article: Project aims to understand carbon footprint of food consumption at Oxford Colleges

Research Interests

Rohan has a diverse set of research interests that he wishes to exploit. His main interest lies in the field of energy supply and demand, within which he is focused on India as a case-study to understand how to get people connected to the grid while doing it sustainably.

He is also very interested in researching the effects of past policy decisions on various matters and analyze their impacts using machine learning models. He is an avid advocate for data-driven decision-making and wishes to employ that in current policymaking decisions around the world.

Current Projects

  • (EC H2020) - Understanding the EC and EU-27 Cybersecurity R&I landscape
  • College Food Waste (UKRI NERC) - Analyzing the carbon footprint of the food waste in Oxford colleges

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