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Rohan Agrawal

Rohan Agrawal

Research Associate


Rohan is a research associate in the Energy and Environmental Informatics group at the Oxford e-Research Centre. He has a BS Honors in Computer Science (with concentrations in International Relations and Mathematics) from the University of Mississippi. His undergraduate thesis on creating an energy dashboard for the university inspired his current research at Oxford that he intends to develop further.

He joined the department in January 2022 and has been working on a variety of research projects on energy analytics, food waste, and software R&I landscape in the European Union. Rohan secured a UKRI NERC grant through the Oxford Martin School where he analyzed the food waste produced at a few Oxford colleges. He is currently working on a DESNZ-funded project through the Heat Pump Ready program to understand the impact of heat pumps around the country.

Research Interests

In his current project, Rohan is focused on analyzing the impact of heat pumps on the power grid through the Heat Pump ready program. Through this project, he intends to discover the long-term effects of heat pump in various parts of the country and around the world. As energy and gas prices rise while governments aim for more sustainable measures, this research will help discover the best strategy moving forward that can sustain the power grids while not adversely affect the environment.

Rohan has also previously worked on improving the natural gas demand forecasts by using different climate models for more accurate projections. Using more than 50 universities across England and Wales, the research devised a buying strategy for long-term fixed price tariffs.

Current Projects

  • Clean Heat Streets (DESNZ, Heat Pump Ready) - Understanding the impact of heat pumps installations in Oxfordshire neighborhoods

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