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Sarah Sparrow DPhil

CPDN Programme Co-Ordinator

Deputy Course Director, MSc in Energy Systems

Associate Member of Faculty


Dr Sarah Sparrow is the (CPDN) Programme Co-ordinator at the Oxford e-Research Centre. Her responsibilities include application development, support and data management. She is experienced in data driven coupling of climate model output to impact models and lead research proposals in this area.

Sarah has extensive experience in preparing and analysing large ensembles of climate model output. She has tutored at several international attribution workshops and summer schools. Her research has also included analysis of atmospheric dynamics having modelled solar climate influences on tropospheric dynamics and studied modes of stratospheric variability.

Previously, she has worked in industry as a software developer and implementation manager of business management systems.

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Research Interests

  • Extreme weather events and their extended impacts
  • Climate modelling and dynamics
  • Machine learning in the context of climate
  • Software system development

Current Projects

Attributing Amazon Forest fires from Land-use Alteration and Meteorological Extremes (AFLAME)

Sarah leads this project looking at the sensitivity of wildfire outbreaks in Brazil to human induced climate change, land use change and natural climate variations.

National Trust Visitor Impact from Expected Weather (NT-VIEW)

Sarah leads this project in collaboration with the National Trust to assess the impact of extreme weather events on visitor numbers at National Trust sites.

Globally Observed Teleconnections in Hierarchies of Atmospheric Models (GOTHAM)

This project looks at remote drivers of atmospheric extremes.

Drivers of Change in Mid-Latitude Weather Events (DOCILE)

This project looks at dynamical drivers of extreme weather in Europe using a new higher resolution distributed computing model


Project bringing the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) OpenIFS model to run in a distributed computing environment.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) project

Looks at how the risk of droughts in the Amazon will change in the future and aims to inform resilient land use planning in a changing world.

The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) project

Aims to attribute drought events in West Africa to human induced climate change.

East Asian Heatwave Attribution (EASHA)

This project focuses on attributing current and future changes of heatwaves in East Asia.