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Dr Scot Wheeler Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Scot Wheeler

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

TEL: 01865 282181
COLLEGE: Christ Church


Dr Scot Wheeler is a postdoctoral researcher in the Engineering Science Department, and a Fellow of the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy.

Scot completed a PhD at Imperial College London, as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Plastic Electronics, studying charge recombination losses in perovskite and organic photovoltaic devices. Before starting at Oxford, Scot worked with the Grantham Institute, also based at Imperial College, investigating the suitability and demand for minigrids to support rural electrification in developing countries, consulting with in-country stakeholders.

At Oxford, Scot is a postdoctoral research assistant in energy systems analysis, focussing on smart local energy systems as an option in the transition to a low carbon energy future. He works closely with stakeholders across Oxfordshire to promote the county as a place to demonstrate research and innovation in the low carbon energy sector.

Research Interests

Scot's current research interests are motivated by the transition to a more distributed, clean energy system. Due to the distributed and intermittent nature of renewable energy generation such as solar, wind and hydro, increasing renewable penetration requires smarter system management and optimisation to balance generation and demand at a local level. This is enabled through multiple energy vectors, new flexible technologies, digitalisation, innovative market structures and engaged users. It is crucial to take a holistic approach in understanding how to integrate all these elements to create an efficient low carbon energy system which deliver maximum value for all participants

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Research Group

Current Projects

OxFutures - Growing Oxfordshire's low carbon economy.

Multi-SAVES (Multiple Sites, Actors, Vectors, Energy Services) - Coordinating multi-site energy complementarities in large organisations for cost savings, carbon emissions reductions and local grid services through the concept of Virtual Private Wire Networks (VPWNs).



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