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Shahriar Etemadi Tajbakhsh


Shahriar Etemadi Tajbakhsh

Research Software Engineer

Dr Shahriar Etemadi Tajbakhsh joined the Square Kilometer Array project as a Postdoctoral Research Software Engineer at Oxford e-Research Centre. He is currently working on radio frequency interference mitigation for the SKA.

He received a PhD in Engineering (Communication Systems) from the Australian National University. He previously worked as a postdoc at University of New South Wales and University of Oxford. Also, he has been a knowledge transfer partnership associate between Moogsoft and the University of Sussex. His areas of interest are software development for high performance computing and also mathematical modelling of communication systems and networks.

Most Recent Publications

On computational approaches to trust evaluation in large-scale social networks

Etemadi Tajbakhsh S, Chen G & Coon J (2018), IEEE BlackSeaCom 2017: 5th International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking

Network coding for physical layer secrecy

Tajbakhsh SE, Coon JP & Chen G (2018), IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 7(4), 642-645

Accessibility and delay in random temporal networks

Etemadi Tajbakhsh S, Coon JP & Simmons DE (2017), Physical Review E, 96(3)

EXIT Chart Analysis of Turbo Compressed Sensing Using Message Passing Dequantization

Movahed A, Reed MC, Aboutorab N & Tajbakhsh SE (2016), IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 64(24), 6600-6612

A random graph theoretic framework for analyzing instantly decodable network codes

Etemadi Tajbakhsh S, Sadeghi P & Coon J (2016), 2016 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps)