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Veerle Brans

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Dr Veerle Brans rejoined the BUBBL group at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering as a postdoctoral researcher, under the guidance of Dr Michael Gray and Prof Constantin Coussios, in March 2023.

Her current research concerns the development and design of a focused ultrasound delivery system, optimisation of the ultrasound treatment regime, and development of non-invasive treatment monitoring methods for in situ gelation of a spinal disc replacement material to treat lower back pain. In May 2024, she will embark on a new project as part of the Beyond Antibiotics research consortium, addressing antimicrobial resistance using therapeutic ultrasound as a potential alternative to antibiotics.

Her DPhil (University of Oxford, 2022) was in pursuit of an original idea on the interface between two disciplines: the engineering of a new lipid microbubble, broadly used in a drug-delivery context, to be employed in combination with ultrasound to manipulate the surface of cells.

Research Interests

  • Development and design of focused ultrasound delivery systems
  • Development of non-invasive ultrasound treatment monitoring methods, e.g. cavitation-based systems
  • Design, development and characterisation of novel therapeutic agents, e.g. microbubbles
  • Drug delivery
  • Antimicrobial therapy
  • Tissue-engineered materials

Research Groups


  • Gray, M., Vasilyeva, A. V., Brans, V., & Stride, E. (2021). Studying Cavitation Enhanced Therapy. Journal of Visualized Experiments: Jove, (170).
  • Browning, R. J., Aron, M., Booth, A., Rademeyer, P., Wing, S., Brans, V., ... & Stride, E. (2019). Spectral Imaging for Microbubble Characterization. Langmuir, 36(2), 609-617.