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Victor Prisacariu Associate Professor in Information Engineering with the Department of Engineering Science

Associate Professor

Victor Adrian Prisacariu BSc DPhil (Oxon)

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

TEL: 01865 283054
COLLEGE: St Catherine's College


Professor Victor Prsacariu received the Graduate degree (with first class hons.) in computer engineering from Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, Iasi, Romania, in 2008, and the D.Phil. degree in engineering science from the University of Oxford in 2012.

He continued here first as an EPSRC prize Postdoctoral Researcher, and then as a Dyson Senior Research Fellow, before being appointed an Associate Professor in 2017. He is also a Research Fellow with St Catherine’s College and the Chief Scientist of 6D.AI, a San Francisco/Oxford AR Cloud startup.

Victor's research interests include semantic visual tracking, 3-D reconstruction, and SLAM.

Research Interests

Victor's current focus is on computer vision methods for real-time (semantic) AR/VR on mobile and wearable platforms.

The Active Vision Lab works on computational vision, with an emphasis on 3D reconstruction and motion analysis, for applications in location and mapping, surveillance, wearable and assistive computing, augmented reality, navigation, and teleoperation.

He is also the Chief Scientist of This spinout company build APIs to help developers augment reality in ways that users would find meaningful, useful and exciting. The SDK uses a standard built-in  smartphone camera to build a cloudbased, crowdsourced three-dimensional semantic map of the world all in real-time, in the background.

Research Groups

Current Projects

AVLCode: the Active Vision Lab Code repository.