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Yidan Xue

Yidan Xue BEng

DPhil Candidate


Yidan received his BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Edinburgh in 2019. He is currently a DPhil student in the Cerebral Haemodynamics Group, supervised by Professor Stephen Payne.

Personal website

Research Interests


  • Cerebral blood flow and metabolism;
  • Mathematical modelling;
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics;
  • Oxygen transport;
  • Tissue health



  • Xue, Y., El-Bouri, W. K., Józsa, T. I. and Payne, S. J. 2021. Modelling the effects of cerebral microthrombi on tissue oxygenation and cell death. bioRxiv.
  • Xue, Y., Hellmuth, R. and Shin, D. 2020. Formation of Vortices in Idealised Branching Vessels: A CFD Benchmark Study. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology. 11(5), pp.544-559.

Awards and Prizes


  • IMechE Best Student Prize, 2019
  • Class Medal for Mechanical Engineering, 2018