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Yunuen Montelongo


Yunuen Montelongo BSc MSc DPhil

Marie Curie Research Fellow

COLLEGE: Wolfson College


Dr Yunuen Montelongo obtained his PhD in 2015 at the University of Cambridge in the Centre of Advanced Photonics and Electronics. Then, he continued with his postdoctoral training in the Chemistry Department at Imperial College London. Currently he is a part-time Research Fellow in the Department of Engineering Science and Research Fellow of Wolfson College.


Research Interests

The research work of Dr Montelongo focuses on the development of reconfigurable materials for photonic devices. His research includes theoretical aspect of the light-matter interaction and experimental demonstrations involving nanostructured materials. The applications of reconfigurable materials include sensors, metamaterials, holographic displays, data storage, tuneable lasers, among many others.

Highlighted Publications

  • Montelongo, Y. et al. Electrotunable nanoplasmonic liquid mirror Nature Materials, 16 (11), pp. 1127-1135. (2017)
  • Montelongo, Y. et al. Reconfigurable optical assembly of nanostructures Nature Communications, 7, art. no. 12002. (2016)
  • Montelongo, Y. et al. Plasmonic nanoparticle scattering for color holograms PNAS, 111 (35), pp. 12679-12683. (2014)