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Mr Zhiyao Luo

Zhiyao Luo BEng MSc

DPhil Student

TEL: 07536 960682


Zhiyao is a DPhil student, and one of the very first Reuben College members. Zhiyao’s research interests lays in reinforcement learning, generative model and some other branches of machine learning which correlate to the application of AI in real world. Before coming to Oxford, Zhiyao completed his Master of Science degree at National University of Singapore, followed by a one-year graduate research fellow position.

His research projects in Singapore were related to the planning of large-scale multi-agent systems via distributed reinforcement learning. He also contributed to reinforcement learning-based decision-making process in nano-material manufacturing and optimization.

Throughout his Master’s degree, Zhiyao had the chance to undertake internships in deep learning and pattern recognition, such as in A*STAR Singapore and Pattern Recognition Lab, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Research Interests

Zhiyao’s DPhil focuses on the development of Dynamic Treatment Regime systems for hospitalised patients using deep reinforcement learning. The goal is to provide interpretable treatment recommendation to clinicians with counterfactual reasoning and improve patient care.

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