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Flora Charbonnier DPhil Student

Flora Charbonnier MEng

DPhil Student


Flora Charbonnier undertakes doctoral research at the Department of Engineering Science. She previously obtained an MEng in Engineering from Imperial College London.

She has written her Masters Thesis at ETH Zurich on hydrogen supply chain modelling and optimisation as part of the ELEGANCY European project aiming to pave the way for low carbon hydrogen fuels for heating and transport, assessing in particular the potential of coupling hydrogen production with carbon capture and storage.

Flora has had previous experience working in technological start-up, consulting firm and academic research environments.

Her research interests include network optimisation and market design for the integration of distributed energy resources into power systems.

Research Interests

Widespread electrification of primary energy provision and decarbonisation of the power sector are two vital prerequisites for keeping greenhouse gas emissions to acceptable levels. Though relevant electricity production technologies are readily available, the scale of integration into socio-technical systems needed is unprecedented and will require the coordination of collective efforts at all levels.

The contribution of innovative communication technologies to electricity systems have the potential to help tackle this challenge. Flora's research focuses on the integration of renewable energy generation and storage devices in flexible Smart Grids, where peer-to-peer energy trading allows market participants to exploit opportunities created by high variability of demand supply. Consumers can thus extend their role to become prosumers also generating electricity and scheduling flexible loads in a coordinated manner.

Research Groups


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