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Maitha Al Shimmari

Maitha Al Shimmari BSc, MSc

DPhil Candidate

Maitha obtained her BSc in Computer Engineering and her BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in the USA. She obtained her MSc in Electrical Engineering and her MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA. She has accumulated eight years of industrial experience working in sensitive projects as technical subject matter expert, advisor, and delegate in the fields of engineering, construction, nuclear energy, management, artificial intelligence, government, and diplomacy.

Research Interests

• Artificial Intelligence
• Big Data
• Controls
• Data Science
• Machine Learning
• Optimization
• Renewable Energy
• Smart Grids

Current Projects


Using machine learning methods to build accurate and robust energy prediction and optimization models for smart grids by investigating the capabilities of smarts grids reaching to the level of creating a comprehensive system that is equipped with real time energy consumption and production ability to monitor, schedule, predict, and learn.


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