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Dr Roisin Buckley Ørsted REMS CDT Departmental Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering


Róisín Buckley BE MSc PhD DIC MIEI

Visiting Fellow

TEL: 01865 283271


Dr Róisín Buckley completed an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2007 and an MSc in Soil Mechanics at Imperial College London in 2014. She spent the interim working in industry as a geotechnical engineer in Ireland and Australia. She completed her PhD in Imperial College and spent one year there as a postdoctoral research associate.

In 2019, Róisín took up a position at the University of Oxford as the Ørsted REMS CDT Departmental Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering. She left in December 2020 and is now a Visiting Fellow.

Research Interests

Róisín’s main research field is experimental geotechnics, with a particular focus currently on field pile testing, cyclic loading effects, high strain dynamic pile testing and laboratory experiments. Her research aims to understand the mechanics of and improve the design of pile foundations subjected to axial and lateral loading for onshore and offshore applications.

Two recent joint industry projects in which her research has played a key role:

The projects have advanced the understanding of displacement pile behaviour in chalk under a range of loading conditions.