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Shreyank N Gowda PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Shreyank is a postdoctoral researcher in AI for Healthcare at the University of Oxford, under Dr. David Clifton at the Computational Health Informatics Lab. He completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh where he was supervised by Dr. Laura Sevilla-Lara and co-supervised by Dr. Frank Keller. He was partially supported through Meta AI where he collaborated with Dr. Marcus Rohrbach.

He broadly works on video-based computer vision applications. Before coming to Edinburgh, he was a master's student at Tsinghua University after being awarded a Chinese Government Scholarship, under the supervision of Dr. Chun Yuan.

Google Scholar

Research Interests

  • Video Understanding
  • Few/Zero-Shot Learning
  • Data Efficient Learning
  • Memory Efficient Learning

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