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Dr Sumit Joshi


Sumit Joshi PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Dr Sumit Joshi obtained his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Technology) from COEP Technological University in 2012. He then joined Indian Institute of Technology Madras for a master's program, which he upgraded to a PhD program. He researched secondary breakup of a droplet in his PhD. He later joined Loughborough University as a research associate in 2022, where he performed spray measurements for gas turbine combustors using laser-diagnostics techniques.

Awards and Prizes

ISHMT best PhD thesis award (Issued by Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer, Oct 2023)

Research Interests

Sumit's research interest lies in design, development, and implementation of optical diagnostic techniques for fluid mechanics phenomena, with particular emphasis on sprays. He has implemented several optical and laser-based diagnostic techniques for investigating sprays (e.g., high-speed imaging, PIV, LIF, PLIF, ERLIF) during his PhD and postdoctoral projects. He is also interested in developing novel measurement techniques (optical and laser-based) which are applicable to gas mixing and combustion studies.


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