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Wei Zhang

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Wei Zhang is a researcher in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, working mainly for the Oxford Agile Sprint 2 project on developing an integrated MFA with GIS method for modelling nutrient flows. Before joining Oxford, he worked at the University of Bath on data modelling and uncertainty quantification in MFA for supporting policy and business decision-making.

He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with a particular focus on understanding Inverse Problems under Uncertainty for complex systems analysis and design. Following this he investigated the uncertainty modelling of fuel cell stacks with aid of fast global sensitivity analysis and explored the concept of “design gene” for developing a novel bio-inspired generative design system integrated with manufacturing.

Research Interests

Wei’s research interests include systems sustainability analysis & design, inverse problems under uncertainty, bio-inspired generative design, computational mechanics, material flow analysis, digital twins and impact dynamics.

Current Projects

Building a low-carbon system with environmental sustainability by understanding the options of nutrient recovery.

Research Groups

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