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Fluids Lab

Fluids tunnel with water flowing

Fluids Lab

Fluids Lab

Equipment includes 3 flumes, 2 wind tunnels, a Pelton wheel turbine, Francis turbine and 3 Hilton refrigeration rigs.

The wind tunnels were new in summer 2016, following refurbishment of the lab in the previous year.

Activities include:

  • Thermofluids lab: a 2nd year lab consisting of two sets of experiments; one fluid mechanics involving air flow past model circular cylinders and aerofoils, and the other concerned with a practical refrigeration cycle. Both experiments are concerned with thermo-fluid processes that involve energy flows and energy conservation.
  • 3rd year Hydraulics lab: To confirm the theory relating to the flow under a sluice gate, and the associated hydraulic jump, in a rectangular channel.
  • Turbomachinery CAD coursework module using the Francis turbine. Evaluating the turbine efficiency for calculated runner blade angles (inlet and outlet), for a given operating condition. Evaluating the mechanism for controlling the guide vane angles.
  • Fluids coursework module using the Pelton wheel turbine.
1960s photo of engineer in a fluids laboratory

The Fluids lab in the 1960s

Large clear plastic machinery with several tubes
Side view of wind tunnel
Small wind tunnel in lab
Student using hydraulics lab equipment
Water levels in a lab