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Adithya Pradeep Nair (Adi)

Adithya Pradeep Nair (Adi) MSc

DPhil Student

TEL: +1(332)207-7883
COLLEGE: St Cross College


Adithya Pradeep Nair (Adi) completed his MSc from Columbia University, United States in the department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. During his previous studies, he has published papers on topics such as the thermodynamic properties of metallic glasses and microstructures of silicon thin films for TFTs during laser crystallization. He has also presented at various conferences on these topics. He was the winner of the national innovator competition and was awarded the best paper award at 4th Research Colloquium on “Advances in Engineering & IT.

His DPhil research project aims to develop new liquid crystal and conjugated liquid crystalline polymer photonics technologies using single and two photon laser inscription of photoalignment layers. Adi joined the Soft Matter Photonics group in October 2022 and is completing his doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor Stephen Morris and Professor Steve Elston. He is also a member of St. Cross College, Oxford.

Awards & Prizes

  • Best Paper Award -4th Research Colloquium on “Advances in Engineering & IT for "I.R clear: Unexpected Object Avoidance System using AI enabled Infrared Technology.”
  • Winner (1stplace)- 2018 National Innovator competition for "Autonomous Flying Drone to Clear Fog and Smog" in Robotics and Electronics category.
  • Merit Scholarship Award- Birla Institute of Technology and Science
  • National Finalist of 7th National Undergraduate Research Competition, for "Metallic Glass, a novel material for Bio-implant applications"[ResearchID3964].
  • Finalist of 4th Research Colloquium on “Advances in Engineering & IT for "Impression on the performance and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel Blends."
  • Finalist of 3rd Research Competition at American University in the Emirates

Research Interests

  • Quantum Efficiency of semiconducting polymers
  • Two photon polymerization direct laser writing (2PP DLW)
  • Analysis of the nonlinear behavior of 2 photon absorption
  • Bulk alignment methods of Liquid Crystal (LC) infiltrated polymer structures
  • Light matter interaction
  • First principles studies of conjugated polymers


  • “Fiber‐Laser Processing of Si and IGZO Films for Advanced AMOLED Displays on Gen 8 Substrates”, SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, Volume 53 [2022],616-619
  • Composition design, synthesis and mechanical properties investigation of Mg-Ca-Zn metallic glass”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2022), 1419-1429
  • Fiber-Laser Crystallization of Si films for Advanced Displays via the Spot-Beam Annealing Method” Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) (XXVII), Volume 11988 (2022), 49-55
  • “Cu-Zr-Ti-Al metallic glass: Thermodynamic prediction, synthesis, and biocorrosion studies", Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter, Volume 609 (2021), 412918
  • “Corrosion characterization of Zinc coated SS304 Stainless Steel”, Materials Today: Proceedings, [MATPR11998], Volume 28 (2020), 1210-1215
  • “An experimental case study on corrosion characterization of Cu46Zr40Ti8. 5Al5. 5 metallic glass”, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 524 (2019), 119654
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