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Bradley Mee

Bradley Mee BEng MSc DIC


COLLEGE: St Edmund Hall



Bradley graduated from Loughborough university in 2019 with a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He then completed an MSc in Communications and Signal processing at Imperial College London.

Following this, he remained with the C & SP group at Imperial College and worked as a Research Assistant on a joint industry and MoD project to implement MIMO Radar signal processing techniques to detect and localise UAV swarms.


Research Interests

  • Development of novel materials to improve communications links

  • Array processing for mmWave communications

  • Integration of radar with traditional communications links

Current Projects

Stimuli-Responsive Materials for Reconfigurable Arrays - use of stimuli-responsive materials, such as liquid crystals and electro-active polymers and gels, in reconfigurable array designs: the inherently reconfigurable nature of these materials makes them attractive candidates for use in arrays employed in communication and sensing applications at frequencies over 10 GHz.