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Zac Cesaro DPhil student

Zac Cesaro

DPhil Student


Zac Cesaro is a DPhil student working on designing energy systems with green ammonia using various modelling techniques and experience at the world’s first roundtrip green ammonia demonstrator at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with Siemens Energy. Prior to starting his DPhil, Zac completed a BSc in Chemical Engineering at Cornell University and worked as a manufacturing consultant in Boston, USA for 1.5 years.

Research Interests

Zac’s DPhil project investigates how green ammonia, a leading “Power-to-X” energy storage vector, should be incorporated into the energy infrastructure over the next 20 years, specifically in developing countries. Green ammonia is rapidly gaining momentum for decarbonising various sectors, including maritime fuel, overseas energy trade, hydrogen carrying for the transport sector, and seasonal energy storage. Zac’s research interests include:

  • Electricity system modelling (specifically India)
  • Power-to-X techno-economic modelling
  • Ammonia and hydrogen fuelled gas turbines
  • Ammonia cracking and purification for hydrogen delivery
  • Green ammonia production modelling